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Dean has 35 years of experience in underground design and construction involving over 1500 km of tunnels and underground works around the world from project conception through to final commissioning and operations.
Dean has worked efficiently and successfully in a variety of team-based capacities for clients, developers, owners, constructors, prime consultants, as well as government authorities.
Dean has an undergraduate degree in Geological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada (1985) and a Masters Degree in Engineering Rock Mechanics with Distinction from Imperial College, University of London, UK (1990). Dean is a registered Professional Engineer with Engineers Geoscientists of British Colombia, Canada.
Dean started his career in the underground deep-level gold mining industry in South Africa learning and dealing with highly stressed ground and the daily occurrences of rockbursting.  Dean also lived and worked for extended periods in Hong Kong and Switzerland and was involved with the design and construction of a variety of large and deep excavations associated with major infrastructure projects including Phase 1 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, the Hong Kong Airport Core Projects, and the Gotthard Base Rail Tunnel.
Dean regularly attends and presents at national and international conferences including the International Tunneling Association (ITA) World Tunnel Congresses, Hydrovision International, Rapid Excavation and Tunneling Conferences (RETC), North American Tunneling conferences (NAT), Tunneling Association of Canada (TAC), and British Tunneling Society (BTS). Recent presentations, lectures and training seminars have included:
  • ITA Working Group 14 - Mechanized Tunneling - Task Leader for TBM Guidelines
  • ITA Training Session on Risk Management Practice, Chilean Tunneling and Underground Space Society, Santiago, 2017
  • ITA Training Session on Contract and Risk Management Practice, Nepal Tunneling Conference, 2016
  • Cutting Edge Conference, New York, Groundwater Control in Tunneling, Highly Acidic Groundwater Challenges at the World’s Highest Tunnel, Pascua-Lama Mine Conveyor Tunnel, Chile-Argentina, 2014.
  • British Tunneling Society Conference, London, 2015. Design and Construction Challenges at the World’s Highest Tunnel, Pascua-Lama Mine Conveyor Tunnel, Chile-Argentina, 2014.
  • International Tunneling Association (ITA) World Tunnel Congress, 2014. Iguassu Falls, Brazil, Training Session Lecturer, Lessons Learned from the Design and Construction and Operation of Hydropower  Tunnels.
  • Clean Energy BC, Conference Presenter, Innovation in Hydropower Design and Water Conveyances – Tunnels and Shafts, 2013.
  • UBC Geological Engineering Course – Guest Lecturer, 2013 and past
  • Tunneling Association of Canada, Conference Presenter 1998 – 2012
  • Swiss-Canadian Chamber of Commerce Presentation, Construction of the 57 km Gotthard Base Rail Tunnel in Switzerland and Tunneling in British Columbia, 2011
Dean Brox, MSc DIC P. Eng 
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DRB and Paul Beller at El Platanal 2008.
DRB - Miller Creek HPP Tunnel Breakthru.
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