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Special Interests


The underground industry benefits from learning the lessons from past projects, applied research, as well as entreprenurial developments.


Topics of special interest include:


  • High Speed Drill and Blast Excavation of Long Tunnels;

  • Long, Deep TBM Excavated Tunnels;

  • Overstressing of Deep or Weak Rock Tunnels;

  • Asset Performance of Hydropower Pressure Tunnels, and;

  • TBM applicability assessments for mining projects.  


Dean Brox Consulting is abreast of the latest development of these topics and can provide relevant information as requested. Collaboration of information on any of these subjects would be welcomed.


Below is an updated list of deep tunnel projects where overstressing was experienced during construction and where the observations of overstressing have been validated through application of a predictive overstress characterization (Brox, 2012, 2013).

Overstress Cases_August 1 2018 - 30 case
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