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Mining Projects


  • Fresnillo Mine Project, Mexico

  • Galore Mine Project Update, Canada

  • Kerr Sulphurets Mitchell Mine Tunnels, Canada

  • Soto Norte Mine Access, Colombia

  • Bolivar Mine Access, Mexico

  • Malmbjerg Mine Project, Greenland

  • Agua Rica Conveyor Tunnels, Argentina

  • Cigar Lake Mine Audit, Canada

  • Quebradona Mine Access, Colombia

  • York Potash Woodsmith Mine Conveyor, UK

  • Yuracyaco Mine Access, Peru

  • Spruce Creek Mine Drainage and Access Tunnel, Canada

  • Red Lake Gold Mine High Speed Tram Tunnel, Canada

  • Quebrada Blanca Tailings Tunnel, Chile

  • Pascua Lama Tunnel, Chile/Argentina

  • Brucejack Mine Tunnels, Canada

  • Grasberg Water Control Plug, Indonesia

  • El Teniente Mine Access Tunnels, Chile

  • Chuquicamata Mine Access Tunnels, Chile

  • Donlin Creek Mine Tailings Tunnels, Alaska

  • Galore Mine Project, Canada

  • Kemess North Mine Project, Canada






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