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Civil Projects



  • Neom Project, Saudi Arabia

  • Sariyer-Kilyos Project, Turkey

  • Broadway Subway Project, Canada

  • Ottawa Confederation Line Project, Canada

  • Lesotho Highlands Water Project Phase 2

  • Ottawa Combined Sewage Storage Project

  • Mid-Halton Effluent Outfall Tunnel, Canada

  • Los Angeles Effluent Outfall Tunnel, USA

  • Calgary Green Line Light Rapid Transit, Canada

  • Melamchi Water Supply Tunnel, Nepal 

  • Eagle Mountain Woodfibre Gas Pipeline, Canada 

  • Transmountain Pipeline Tunnel, Canada

  • Bioceanico Tunnel, Chile/Argentina

  • Evergreen Rapid Transit Line, Canada

  • Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel, Canada

  • Victoria CRD Wastewater Tunnel, Canada

  • Annacis Island Water Supply Tunnel, Canada

  • Second Narrows Water Supply Tunnel, Canada

  • Coquitlam Intake No. 2 Tunnel, Canada

  • Kicking Horse Highway Project, Canada

  • CN Rail White Canyon Rail Tunnel, Canada

  • Canada Line Rapid Transit Project, Canada

  • Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels, Canada




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