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Hydropower Projects


  • Cruachan II Project, United Kingdom

  • San Giacomo III, Italy

  • Nikachhu Project, Bhutan

  • Dorjilung Project, Bhutan

  • Marsyangdi Project, Nepal

  • Middle Tomar Project, Nepal

  • Sunkoshi-Marin Project, Nepal

  • Tala Project, Bhutan

  • Nido de Aguilas Pumped Storage, Chile

  • Jangi Thopan Project, India

  • Jagran II Project, Pakistan

  • Dasu Project, Pakistan

  • Burica Project, Panama

  • Nenskra Project, Georgia

  • Whatshan Generating Station, Canada

  • Behri Babai Project, Nepal

  • Las Vacas Project, Guatemala

  • Mantaro Project, Peru

  • Snowy Mountain 2.0, Australia

  • Nido de Aguilas Project, Chile

  • Vallecito Project, Chile

  • Vishnugad Pipalkoti Project, India

  • Los Condores Project, Chile

  • Alto Maipo Project, Chile

  • Lauca Project, Angola

  • Big Silver Creek Project, Canada

  • Upper Lillooet Project, Canada

  • Boulder Creek Project, Canada

  • Los Arandanos Project, Chile

  • John Hart Replacement Project, Canada

  • Baram Dam Project, Malaysia

  • Rio Esti Project, Panama

  • Gorge 2 Project, USA

  • Upper Toba and Jimmie Creek Project, Canada

  • Kemano Back Up Project Phase 1, Canada

  • La Higuera Project, Chile

  • McLymont Creek Project, Canada

  • Forrest Kerr Project, Canada

  • Pando Monte Lirio Project, Panama

  • Blue Lake Project, Alaska

  • El Platanal Project, Peru

  • Chackachamna Lake Project, Alaska

  • Ashlu Creek Project, Canada

  • Lower Mamquam Project, Canada

  • Seymour Capilano Twin Tunnels, Canada

  • Casecnan Project, Philippines

  • Miller Creek Project, Canada

  • Lesotho Highlands Water Project, Lesotho/South Africa



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